OSgrid 10th birthday is happening this weekend

OSgrid will be celebrating it’s 10th birthday this weekend (#OSG10B) with a great selection of live performances, live djs playing great tunes and birthday themed events to mark this very special occasion.

It’s going to be the biggest party ever on the OSgrid and it’s expected the visitor attendance will be pretty high during the weekend. Finally there will be many exhibits worth seeing created by OSgrid residents who have spent hours creating their own content for this year’s 10th birthday.

Today OSgrid comes top of the table for the most regions and most active users on OpenSim which is pretty impressive after ten years.

Join OSgrid this weekend and enjoy the 10th birthday celebrations! 🙂



The original purpose of OSgrid was to provide for a test platform for the development and testing of new code for opensimulator. This purpose has continued but with the additional purpose of providing a free and open source social platform, for the expansion of the arts, education and scientific advancement and to promote the further advancement of the opensimulator project.


OSgrid is a non-profit effort, so to keep the grid online each month, we rely on your continued donations.

We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization run exclusively by volunteers. While we appreciate single donations we much prefer regular donations that allow us to balance our costs more effectively.
Please use the donation link in the footer if you would like to setup an ongoing recurring donation with us – from $5/mo to $100/mo

Please spread the word about OSgrid 10th birthday celebrations happening this weekend 

2 thoughts on “OSgrid 10th birthday is happening this weekend

  1. Schedule

    Friday 28th July
    12 noon PST

    Offficial opening of the OSG10B creators exhibition featuring over 70 individual displays by OSGrid members spread over 4 islands and a special exhibition exploring the history of the grid.
    Exhibitions will remain open for a month

    Meet and greet with OSGrid members old and new at Event Plaza featuring dancing and DJS

    3pm til 5pm PST

    Live Music at Event Plaza
    Celtic Maiden Warrior

    SingerGirl Evie Marie

    5pm til late
    Dj afterparty

    hg.osgrid.org:80:event plaza

    Saturday 29th July

    12 noon PST
    DJ at Event Plaza

    1pm til 4pm
    Live Music Event
    MadMax Huet

    Whirli Placebo
    Joel Elide

    4pm til late
    Dj afterparty

    hg.osgrid.org:80:event plaza

    Sunday 30th July

    12 noon PST
    DJ at Event Plaza

    2pm til 6pm

    Maritime Club On The Road
    The oldest continuously running live music venue in the metaverse goes on the road for the closing event
    featuring regulars
    Casias Falta

    Truelie Telling

    DJ Stio
    and friends

    6pm til late

    DJ afterparty

    hg.osgrid.org:80:event plaza


    for more info contact

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