Linden Lab announces huge shopping event in honor of SL14B

SL14B Shopping Event

On 6th June Linden Lab announced new details about a new huge shopping event happening now through until 26th June 2017 in honor of Second Life upcoming 14th birthday celebrations.

At the shopping event you will be able to get free gifts and exclusive items (plus major discounts) from the top designers (60 merchants) in Second Life. There are three regions to visit for this event including Golden, Gilded and Halcyon. The lab are planning on doing more things relating to SL14B later this month.

The full blog post:

Second Life hits its 14th Anniversary this summer. That’s worthy of celebration, and you do not have to wait until the actual Anniversary ( June 23rd, if you’re curious) to start enjoying the fun!

While we have a few things in the works for later this month, yesterday we launched a HUGE shopping event in honor of the occasion. Sixty Merchants with some of the most popular brands in Second Life have set up shop in across three Regions  –  Golden, Gilded and Halcyon – each providing a FREE gift and some major discounts on their top-selling items!

 You’re going to want to find some time to make your way through each of these stores, as there really are some amazing things to find.

 Go, check it out now! Sales ends on June 26th!

The resident supported SL14B community celebration takes place in ten days time. It’s going to be great fun this year and bigger than ever before. The big SL14B hunt is back this year and if you are interested in participating then fill out this application form before 11th June 2017.

SL14B Timeline Update

  • June 10: All performers notified via email
  • June 15-16: Sims Closed to Exhibitors for Walkthrough
  • June 16-17: Extra time for adjustments
  • June 17: Press Day
  • June 18, noon SLT: Opening Day!!
  • June 23: The Birthday
  • June 18-25: Open with Performances
  • June 26- July 2: Open for viewing–No Performances
  • July 3-5: Breakdown
  • July 6: Sims Go Offline

The wait is almost over! 🙂


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