A visit to the historical Wild West Town in Second Life

Welcome to the Wild West Town

Today I re-visited the historical Wild West Town located in the southwest part of the Oak Grove region in Second Life.  The Wild West Town in the early days of Second Life around 2003 was a resident work project where anyone could make contributions and get paid for doing so. The town was used to give newbies some money to start off apparently.

Great town to explore here

The last time I blogged about the Wild West Town was back in 2012 when it was fully restored back on the grid thanks to the LDPW. Today the Wild West Town looks absolutely amazing in 2017 and it’s a great place to visit if you love visiting historical places in Second Life.

Wild West Town central

Places of interest

Outside the Jail
Inside the Palace Theater
Inside the Saloon Hotel
Inside the General Store
A new day in the wild west
Wild West Town overview

Teleport to the Wild West Town in Second Life