Looking at the Second Life Grid Statistics for Q1 2017 & Sansar Opening Date TBC

The first quarter of 2017 is now over so now it’s time to look at the Second Life grid statistics for the first three months of this year. At the start of January 2017 I posted up the first stats update mentioning that 2016 saw a decline in regions almost every week.

There was small growth for private estates and Linden owned regions in various weeks. The growth is just not enough to catch up with the endless regions dropping off the grid on a weekly basis. It would be nice to see more region growth during the course of 2017 into 2018.

Update on land costs in Second Life

At VWBPE 2017 Ebbe Linden said that the lab have tried to do things to lower land prices in recent years and that land is too expensive in Second Life. Ebbe said that he would love for land costs to come down and for this to happen the lab would have to figure out a way to collect money from elsewhere.

I think anything to help lower land costs would be most welcome but it’s good to know the lab are working on possible solutions behind the scenes. It’s a balancing act but if done right could stop the decline in regions accelerating faster.

Q1 2017 Grid Size Stats

> 1st January 2017

  • Total number of Main Grid regions: 24, 002
  • Private Estates: 16, 783 
  • Linden Owned: 7, 219

> As of 2nd April 2017

  • Total number of Main Grid regions: 23, 806
  • Private Estates: 16, 586
  • Linden Owned: 7, 220

Since the start of 2017 the total number of main grid regions have declined again and now it’s dropped under the 24, 000 regions mark for the first time. Private estates have dropped slightly along with Linden owned regions.

Main Grid regions totals since October 2006

Daily Concurrency

The daily concurrency in Second Life seems to be averaging between 53, 000 (at max) – 31, 000 (lowest) on a daily basis at the moment. The Median Daily Concurrency is now at 43, 000.

Historical Daily Concurrency since December 2009
Median Daily Concurrency since December 2009

Second Life Signups 2017 Update

As of 2nd April 2017 there have been 47,  449, 070 signups for Second Life to date. On average there are now between 8, 000 to 10, 000 new signups every day for Second Life.

Sansar opening date TBC, land impact and creator beta invites

We are now in April 2017 and still Sansar has not officially launched to the public. On 31st March 2017 the Sansar Official Twitter page tweeted that the specific date is yet to be announced for Sansar. Sansar will open in beta this year. 

When Sansar does finally open to the public my further grid statistics blog posts will include any noticeable changes in terms of regions and active users. The big question is will Sansar have a impact on Second Life or not ?

The lab are still inviting creators on a rolling basis into Sansar and more invites will be sent out soon. Good luck! 🙂

Sansar social VR basketball experience

Next Stats Update

My next Second Life statistics blog post will be posted in July 2017 where I will be looking back at the first six months of 2017.


6 thoughts on “Looking at the Second Life Grid Statistics for Q1 2017 & Sansar Opening Date TBC

  1. After being forced into retirement by secondlife.I am now in a real home of my own doing real time life.would i come back? ………no.would tell people play?…….no would believe your imagation your world?……..hardly.I would say this game IS NOT for everyone.Nomatter how much SL says it is.i wasted many years of mylife in it.do I regret? ………. @&&&yes! Why? Because of the promises they made and at the end they were never for filled. Just leave me to say before even get into this world watch out because it might seem good but at the end it’s a pit of snakes. UM


    1. “it’s a pit of snakes.”

      Idiot, that snakepit is/was created by some meaniepooface residents, not by LL. You can’t just throw everything you hate, plus your own social incompetence, into one basket to make a case against The Lab. They are an inept hoster, bad business people, 50% of them are autists, the other 50% are blinded by technology, altogether they make an untrustworthy partner.
      But never did they claim SL was for everyone and never did they make any promises. They gave us an empty canvas, just some empty continents. In so far the ‘Your Imagination, Your World’ sales pitch is totally right. The snakepits you speak of … well, we built them by ourselves.


  2. ” It would be nice to see more region growth during the course of 2017 into 2018.”

    Highly unlikely. Daniel, would you invest in LL’s unloved stepchild, SL, while they put all their effort and money into the next big shiny? Proving what children they are, unreliable and stupid? No, I wouldn’t neither.


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