East River Community Going Through Tier Crisis – Tier Donors Needed

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East River Community – (6th February 2017)

I have received word that the East River Community in Second Life is going through a tier crisis and they are looking for tier donors to keep East River Community on the grid. Indigo Mertel who is the founder of East River Community confirmed the news today via notecard, see below.

I hope someone can help and donate tier to the East River Community very soon otherwise it faces closure and it will be a huge loss for Second Life.

I have been contributing to the East River Community with large swaths of land at a considerable monthly cost for years. Many things have changed in my RL these past months and I am now in the sad position to inform you that I am no longer able to contribute to the community. I have procrastinated this decision for a long time because I was very unconfortable with the idea of dilapidating all the hard work we all put into building our beautiful community. But, eventually, I had to come to a decision.

We all want the East River Community to survive, so rather than just pulling the plug I’ll hold off for a limited time in order to find donors willing to donate tier to the group.

To anyone willing to donate tier to the East River Community, please contact Indigo Mertel.

Thank you.

Indigo Mertel
East River Community – founder

Teleport to East River Community Here


East River Community

The East River Community (ERC) is a federation of groups located on the Sansara continent in Second Life. It was founded on April 28th 2008, though the community traces its roots back to 2006 as a sailing friendly community with the MBYC Community Land Trust group, of which it is the direct descendent. Sailing activities are still part of the community charter.


East River Community

The ERC offers to its residents and visitors art galleries, a cafe, public venues, nice scenery, a vast area to explore, horse riding on our horse tracks network, shopping and residential areas, music concerts, nautical and community events, a safe harbor for Mainland cruises and an airport.


East River Community Map – June 2014

Lets Save East River Community Before Its Too Late! 


River House


3 thoughts on “East River Community Going Through Tier Crisis – Tier Donors Needed

  1. Hanno Tietgens

    Thank you for sharing this, Daniel, and of course Indigo. So much is at stake these days on the grid! I’m wondering: How much would be needed to sustain the community, and would a helpful donation be a singular event or on a regular basis?


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