My Top Ten Most Viewed Blog Posts During 2016

My Blog Stats 2016
My Blog Views Stats 2011 – 2016

Here are my top ten most popular posts of 2016 with the most views. Thanks to everyone that has been following my blog this year and those that have recently subscribed.

My blog has been viewed 65, 779 times, had 37, 641 visitors, 515 likes and 225 comments. My blog now has 629 followers and earlier this year my blog surpassed 530, 000 total views for the first time. Hopefully more new blog records will be reached during 2017.

This is my last blog post of 2016 and I hope everyone has a great new year 2017. 

  1. Project Sansar last updates from the 9th annual Virtual Worlds Best Practises in Education Conference 2016 – 899 views
  2. Project Sansar Approximate Time Frame – 763 views
  3. The arrival of a new Linden Project area in Second Life – 704 views
  4. Latif Khalifa has passed away – Developer of the Radegast Metaverse Client, Singularity Viewer and Replex Viewer – 650 views
  5. Second Life Statistics – September 2016 Update – 579 views
  6. Second Life Grid Statistics Update – 533 views
  7. A visit to Saint Michel – 503 views
  8. Project Sansar will open “to the world in January 2017 – 495 views
  9. Project Bento goes live on the Main Grid – 433 views
  10. Ebbe Linden speech at VWBPE 2016 recording now available – 422 views

Stay tuned for new blog posts in the days ahead 🙂 

Happy New Year 2017

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