Project Bento now part of the Second Life default viewer

On Monday 5th December Linden Lab announced that Project Bento is now live on the main grid and it’s now part of the Second Life default viewer at long last. This is one of the biggest updates to the Second Life avatar has ever had on the main grid. Christmas has come early 🙂

It’s almost been a year since Linden Lab first introduced Project Bento back in mid December 2015 and so much has been improved during the past year. Interest in Bento has grown over the past year and that’s always a good thing to see.

Linden Lab is proud to announce that Project Bento is now part of the default Viewer! Bento is probably the single most extensive update to the avatar skeleton ever, and as a result of countless hours of testing, updating, reconfiguring, testing… you get the picture, we are now live!

Now everyone can enjoy the extra bones creators have taken advantage of to bring you true quadrupeds, winged avatars, fingers, facial expressions and more.

For those that don’t know already Project Bento adds over 30 bones to the avatar’s face, hands, joints and attachment points. Today Bento provides more realistic improved facial expressions, animations and a better range of avatar body types than ever before.

Firestorm has plans for Bento to be integrated into the viewer at some point in the near future (no ETA yet). Hopefully other third party viewer will integrate Bento very soon. There are many opportunities and possibilities using Bento in Second Life going forward.

If you are interested in Bento download and install the latest official Second Life viewer (version Learn more about Bento here.