My thoughts on the prim allowance changes in Second Life

Earlier this week Linden Lab announced some big news about increasing the prim limit for the mainland and private estate regions. The roll out will start with the Mainland regions that will get the extra prims first followed by Private Estates within the next few months.

I think that the announcement was timed well with the launch of Sansar just around the corner. The news was welcomed across the grid and via Plurk, Twitter, Facebook, The Forums and on various blogs. The increases seem reasonable and it will be great once the roll out has been fully completed.

I do think having more prims for the money is a good thing and this will encourage everyone to build more than ever before. The new prim increases will hopefully open up new possibilities for creators in Second Life moving forward.

Here are the new prim increases, see below…

  • For anyone with a Linden Home its gone up to 175LI from 117LI
  • Mainland regions will increase from 15, 000 to 22, 500 prims
  • Private Estate regions will increase from 15, 000 to 20, 000 prims
  • Homestead regions will increase from 3, 750 to 5, 000 prims
  • Openspace regions will increase from 750 to 1, 000 prims

For anyone that missed the special Designing Worlds show on prim limit increase here is the full video below.

Overall this is a good step in the right direction for Second Life and hopefully the roll out will be smooth in the weeks/months ahead. Woooot!

Thanks for the extra prims Linden Lab. 🙂