Today marks my 10th Rez Day in Second Life

10 years later
It’s my 10th rezday today in Second Life

Today marks my official 10th rez day in Second Life and I am so happy that I have reached this massive milestone. I signed up to Second Life on 31st October 2006 where I started my journey and adventures virtually across the teen grid. I transferred to the main grid back in mid December 2008 when I turned 18 and I couldn’t believe how big Second Life was back then.

Since then I have met so many amazing people over the past ten years, connected with great friends and had fun together. I have enjoyed attending events (Bay CIty events, VWBPE, BURN2, Second Life Birthdays etc), helping out when I can, capturing Second Life through snapshots and sharing whats going on the grid on my blog.

I have visited many OpenSim grids in recent years and I have pretty much enjoyed the experience there. I have been in other virtual worlds in recent years but finding myself always coming back to Second Life in the end.

There have been good times, excitement, celebrations, various dramas, big news announcements made and some sad times during the past ten years in Second Life. I think the introduction of Windlight, Mesh and Bento has made a huge difference in Second Life along with the tons of useful improvements made too. The next ten years is going to be interesting to see what the lab comes up with next in terms of improving Second Life further.

Here is one of the first snapshots I took in Second Life of my avatar.

October 2006
My first snapshot

Here is what the user interface (viewer 1) used to look when I joined Second Life. Wow!

Blue Linden office hours underwater

For more historical snapshots of when I started taking snapshots in Second Life, see here.

I can’t wait to see what the next ten years has in store for me in Second Life and so the journey continues. I will continue to blog and share my snapshots with you during the next ten years hopefully.

Thanks to all of you who have been part of my Second Life for the past ten years. 🙂 

Happy Halloween! 🙂