Linden Lab blogs about what’s happening now in Second Life

On 24th October Linden Lab posted a new blog post about what’s happening now in Second Life. The lab talks about three new features including new Sandbox regions, Portal Park 2.0 and the introduction of LLSit feature. See below for further details about each of new features and please spread the word. 🙂

New Sandbox Regions

First up, we’re proud to introduce 5 new Premium Sandboxes! Like other Premium sandboxes, these are only available to Premium members. We have allocated 4 new regions for cross server code testing, perfect for those multi-region experiences; the Blue Steel, Magnum, LeTigre and Second Life Main regions are each Premium sandboxes arranged directly adjacent to each other in a square. Because one is in the main simulator channel and one is in each Release Candidate (RC) channel, when we roll new RC versions of the simulator it will be easy to test differences and potential issues with region crossings.

Portal Park 2.0

Next up is a brand new design for our hugely popular portal system! Last year we introduced the Portal Park in our 2015 Halloween Promo, which served as a hub for people to gather and access new destinations. Available now is a dual hub and spoke section that spans 2 regions. Now you have quick access to twice as many of the new destinations on the grid! There are two roads,the Red and Yellow brick roads that will take you to their own main hubs. From there, the spokes or pathways extend out and will lead you to teleport gates to the new experiences. Be sure to visit and revisit these parks as the destinations can be both seasonal and/or hints for what’s to come


Finally, do you need a diabolical trap for your dungeon? Or, to strap avatars into the seat of a rollercoaster for their own safety? Or, perhaps just some basic crowd control to minimize disruptions during a townhall or event? Introducing the LLSit feature. These new LSL functions allow creators to force avatars onto sit targets as part of an Experience. Scripts can move avatars into specific prims, shuffle them between seats, and prevent them from getting out of their chair before it is safe. It is now also possible to prevent Residents from sitting where you don’t want them by setting a simple parameter on the prim. Whichever way you use this new capability we are looking forward to seeing what you create!

It’s good to see the lab continuing to add new features and improvements to Second Life. I’m sure these new features announced this week will be most welcomed news by the Second Life community. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Linden Lab blogs about what’s happening now in Second Life

  1. Great, they are adding more premium member sandboxes, as it gets harder and harder for folks like me who can’t afford being a premium member, to find public ones. You use SL search to find a sandbox, out of 10 returns, 6 or 7 will be premium sandboxes. Those 3 or 4 public ones will be small, overcrowded or harassed by griefers.

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  2. While I like the idea of both the new sand boxes and the Portal Park Park 2.0 LLsit doesn’t appeal to me unless there is an user controlled escape mechanism. SL may not have as many problems as it did in the past but they still happen. Is the only solution if a problem occurs to log out then log in again to home then find your way back?

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  3. The new LLSit basically looks like it is RLV put into main SL. I predict both good uses for this, as well as it becoming popular on ‘forced XXX’ sims… and maybe on some props and venues that don’t advertise themselves as such – griefer furniture.

    Granted one can just teleport out – but unless it has an easy to use ‘safety’ system, it will get abused.

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