Mont Saint Michel no longer in Second Life

Mont Saint Michel_007
Farewell Mont Saint Michel

The much-loved Mont Saint Michel region is no longer on the grid according to various sources. Apparently the region went offline in early September 2016 and just went off the radar with no closure updates etc. The teleport (SLURL) links no longer works either.

It’s a real shame that Linden Lab did not preserve this really beautiful recreation of the well-known real life France Mont Saint Michel. It would have been nice to see new ownership takeover to keep the sim running for many more years to come.

Mont Saint Michel in Second Life was an extremely detailed, high quality build with lots of narrow passages and surprises. It’s sad to see it’s no longer on the grid and it will be missed by everyone.

Here are some of my snapshots of Mont Saint Michel in Second Life when the region was still on the grid.

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Farewell Mont Saint Michel 😦