Sansar Creator Preview invites are being sent on a rolling basis

The latest news according to the official Sansar Official Twitter page is that Creator preview invites are still being sent out on a rolling basis up to public release. There are now roughly three months until the official public launch of Sansar (January 2017) and I’m looking forward to trying it out early next year.

For those that have been invited to try out the Sansar Creator preview they must agree to an NDA and EULA meaning they can’t say anything about what they have seen so far.

When Sansar opens to the public the platform will be optimized for amazing VR experiences and it’s going to be scalable for many different kinds of systems. Second Life will continue alongside Sansar for many years to come.

Are you excited about the public launch of Sansar in January 2017 ? 


5 thoughts on “Sansar Creator Preview invites are being sent on a rolling basis

  1. I am curious, but on what I have seen so far it is hard to be excited. At the moment, they don’t seem to want ordinary users, and what I have seen is either incredibly high-end graphics, or rather commonplace.

    And I am not confident that the majority of content creators know what they’re doing. Mesh became a bloated lag-fest in Second Life, and while there is good-looking, low-complexity, content appearing, the talk about Sansar sometimes seems to require a faster-than-light internet for me to experience from this continent.

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