Orlando Nightclub Shooting: Free Support the Victims Kiosk

On the Second Life Marketplace there is a distributable version of the Support the Victims kiosk for free (L$0). It’s really sad news to hear about a gunman attacked a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida on 12th June 2016 that left 49 people dead with a further 53 people injured.

Total Amount Raised So Far

  • As of 5.15am SLT – Tuesday 14th June 2016

Orlando L$

Linden Lab have posted a blog post on 13th June 2016 in light of the recent tragedy mentioning that Casper Warden of CasperVend has kindly set up a kiosk to collect donations to support the victims of this horrible attack. If you are interested you can rez a kiosk on your land for free (all networked) and they will show the grid wide total every five minutes. All proceeds will be added to the donations total.

The Second Life community comes together in incredible, compassionate ways that serve as a badge to show what amazing, diverse, and accepting communities we have all over the grid. Love is love is love is love is love.

In light of the tradegy that struck Orlando nightclub, Pulse this past weekend, Casper Warden of CasperVend has set up a kiosk in his mainstore to collect donations for the GoFundMe set up by Equality Florida to benefit and support the victims of this horrific event.

You can donate to the GoFundMe directly if you choose, or donate inworld at the kiosk Casper Warden has set uphere – which has already collected an impressive amount of L$s which he plans to donate to the GoFundMe. 

If you would like to add a networked kiosk to your own location inworld that will get added to the donations – you can buy one off the marketplace here.

Help donate today and support the victims of this horrible attack.

Orlando Shooting SL_001

SLURL – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Izanagi/184/81/134