A Look Back At Bay City 8th Anniversary

Bay City Eighth Anniversary_014_012
Route 66 looks great this year

On Sunday 15th May 2016 Bay City celebrated their 8th anniversary in Second Life and this year there was a great attendance (at least 60+ avatars) for the annual celebrations. The 8th parade was great fun this year. The parade started at the band shell stage, then it went along route 66 through the central areas of Bay City until it reached the North Channel region. There were plenty of spectators watching and cheering on this year.

Bay City Eighth Anniversary_016_011
Let’s do the conga dance!

At the end of the parade live music started in the North Channel region throughout the afternoon. Special guests Torley Linden and April Linden attended along with many well-known residents in Second Life including some of my friends. There was a conga dance and it was much longer this year. Overall the 8th anniversary has to be the best one yet in my opinion.

Bay City Eighth Anniversary_014_029
Great parade this year
Bay City Eighth Anniversary_014_018
Parade travels along route 66
Bay City Eighth Anniversary_014_032
Parade crosses the bridges
Bay City Eighth Anniversary_016_002
Live music throughout the afternoon
Bay City Eighth Anniversary_016_003
Huge crowd this year for the event 🙂

Check out my snapshots of the event here

Parade 2016 1a
A long line of green dots – Bay City Parade 2016!

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