Second Life & OpenSim Statistics – March 2016

Data from the Second Life Grid Survey

My last statistics blog post on Second Life was published on 4th January 2016 where I reported that Second Life regions shrunk during the course of 2015 and I mentioned that this year will be a challenging year. Since January 2016 the grid has lost more regions in Second Life and the trend seems to be continuing with a few hundred regions going offline every 2-3 months.

Some good news is that Linden Owned regions have increased slightly already during the first three months of 2016. Tyche Shepherd mentions in the latest weekly grid report that “the Lab brought online 19 Development regions way of to the North West of the grid all closed to the public – The region names indicate they are part of something called the HE Project“.

On 3rd January 2016

  • Total number of Main Grid regions: 24, 886
  • Private Estates: 17, 775 
  • Linden Owned: 7, 111

As of 6th March 2016

  • Total number of Main Grid regions: 24, 693
  • Private Estates: 17, 568 > YTD Private Estate Net Loss: 207 regions (1.2% down) 
  • Linden Owned: 7, 125

The highest amount of Main Grid regions was recorded on 13th June 2010 with 31,988 regions in Second Life. Today there are 24, 693 Main Grid regions and if you are interested then you follow the weekly grid numbers here 


Last month it was reported by Hypergrid Business that OpenSim traffic was up, land area drops which is surprising news to hear after a surge over recent years.

As of February 2016

  • “The total land area of the public OpenSim grids fell by 16,771 region equivalents”
  • “OpenSim now has 54,786 standard region equivalents and a record high of 513,398 registered users.”
  • OSGrid, Kitely, Metropolis and Lost Paradise have the most regions on OpenSim.
  • InWorldz, OSGrid, Metropolis and the Great Canadian Grid have the most active users.
Data from Hypergrid Business

My next stats post will be published in early June 2016 – (every 3 months hopefully).


5 thoughts on “Second Life & OpenSim Statistics – March 2016

  1. On a statistics related note; we seem to have lost, the rolling log of SL concurrency. This highly useful tool was often the earliest warning of a “disturbance in the force”. Long before anything was posted on the grid status page, the drop in population gave a clear indication that whatever the problem you were experiencing, it was also effecting others and the best course of action was to hunker down until it passed.
    The early warning system will be missed.

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  2. Hey Daniel, it should be noted for clarity that the large decline of OpenSim regions was due to one grid…stated here:

    “The total land area of the public OpenSim grids fell by 16,771 region equivalents after Virtual Worlds Grid took down its variable-sized regions, but the total number of active users rose by 1,374 to 33,574 this month. Without the Virtual Worlds Grid statistics, OpenSim would have gained a net of 1,589 regions.

    The grid’s owner, Myron Curtis, is currently recovering from being put in a medically-induced coma for a couple of weeks.

    “I am getting better for more quickly than anyone would have expected, but I am still very weak,” he told Hypergrid Business.”

    If you notice in Maria’s graph back in May, June of 2014 is when they were added…this was rather more in line with an anomaly as Myron had run them up for his own reasons and as his grids stats is (or was) publicly available she counted them in.

    There was quite a bit of growth throughout the Hyperverse (those places connected via the hypergrid protocol) which is what I personally watch…as well as decline not only in SL but also other SL clones.

    Several previously closed commercial grids enabled hypergrid such as and and and most recently

    This in turn has brought even more SL folks out to who in turn are exploring via the hypergrid, and from all accounts, love it-)


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