Latif Khalifa has passed away – Developer of the Radegast Metaverse Client, Singularity Viewer and Replex Viewer

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Latif Khalifa R.I.P 1970 – 2016

Sad news to report that Latif Khalifa who is known in Second Life has passed away after losing his battle against a long term illness according to various sources. Latif Khalifa passed away at the age of 46 years old and he will be missed deeply by the Second Life community and OpenSim community.

Latif Khalifa was the owner/developer of the well known Radegast Metaverse Client and he was top developer for the Singularity Viewer until 2014. Latif then worked on the Replex Viewer but was cut short due to his health.

Latif Khalifa was talented, very helpful and he was a big contributor to Second Life/OpenSim.  Apparently Kristina Deschanel his partner wrote this on his profile in Second Life..

Latif Khalifa R.I.P—1970. – 2016.

Forever in our thoughts and hearts… The sky has got another star, that’s going to light up with the rest of the universe. Rest in peace  my Love

Latif Khalifa

Dahlia Trimble on Google+ wrote this…

I’m very sad to hear that we lost Latif Kalifa

Latif was a good friend and collaborator. He was very helpful when I was implementing mesh physics, materials support, and particle system enhancements in OpenSimulator and also contributed many other fixes and enhancements He was the primary maintainer for libopenmetaverse for the last several years. He was the primary developer of the Radegast viewer which, among other features, had many features for the visually impaired. He was also a major contributor to PHP. His passing is a huge loss to me and I’m sure it is for the field of virtual worlds as well.

My deep condolences go to his family and friends.

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