Second Life 2015: Year in Review – July to December

This is my part 2 Second Life 2015: Year in Review – July to December post looking back at the major news and events inworld that have happened in 2015. Woooot! 🙂

There have been so many good memories this year and I have enjoyed exploring around the grid visiting new locations. In a few days time 2016 will arrive and I will be looking forward to a fresh new year of blogging. 

July 2015

Philip Rosedale talked about Second Life on the Drax Files podcast @75.

Ebbe Altberg talked about how Second Life can help people in a positive way on Dr. Phil talk show

The 11th annual Relay For Life of Second Life for 2015 kicked off. See here for this year’s stats.


August 2015

Ebbe Altberg discussed Project Sansar for around 30 minutes with Nick Ochoa during a fireside chat.

Lumiere Noir who built the Ivory Tower of Prims in Second Life died. There was a special dance event to celebrate Lumiere’s life.

Ivory Tower Library of Primitives service_001_015

Linden Lab announced details about Project Sansar closed alpha mentioning that a small number of creators would be invited to help test the new platform.

Linden Lab reduced the standard cost of a monthly Premium subscription to just $9.50 a month and ended VAT for Premium subscriptions.

SS Galaxy came back on the grid and opened to the public. There was an agreement made for Linden Lab to take over the running of the ship and to keep it remaining in Second Life.

SS Galaxy opens

September 2015

The Firestorm Viewer team celebrated their 5th anniversary in Second Life and the big news was that Community Gateways will be returning.

Firestorm 5th anniversary celebrations_002

There was a small gathering event at the SS Galaxy ship in Second Life to celebrate the return of the well-known ship.

The Arcade celebrated their 3rd anniversary in Second Life.

The Arcade_004

A screenshot was released online showing the Project Sansar login page. A special Project Sansar Preview Workshop took place for early users to preview the new platform.

Project Sansar Login Page

October 2015

Linden Lab announces new Valhalla project viewer 4.0.0 which replaces the old LLQTWebKit system used in the Web media plugin. 4.0.0 comes with Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) that supports modern web technologies.

The annual BURN2 2015 festival opened for a week.

BURN2 Press Preview 2015_006

Linden Lab announced Second Life Improvements that are out and that are in the works.

November 2015

Linden Lab revamped and looks really nice. Project Sansar, Second Life and Blocksworld is featured on the homepage and it’s easier to navigate around.

Linden Lab website

At the end of Ebbe Altberg’s presentation at the 2015 Web Summit in Ireland a member of the audience filmed video footage (pre-alpha) of Project Sansar. New photos and video was released showing the next generation platform.

Linden Lab released new classic avatars built combining mesh attachments with the original system process.

Second Life classic avatars

December 2015

Ebbe Altberg talked about the future of virtual reality (VR) on Bloomberg West the Altspacevr founder and CEO Eric Romo.

Linden Lab announces Project Bento with new bones and attachment points added to the Second Life Avatar Skeleton.

Linden Lab hosts 2015 snowball fight with the Second Life community. Many well-known Lindens and Moles attended the snowball fight with their snowball launchers.

Winter Wonderland_034

Winter Wonderland_050

Linden Lab publishes a special post called Second Life 2015 Mix – A Greatest Hits Compilation highlighting various improvements made to Second Life this year along with popular inworld events.

Looking back at 2015 it was a really good year with amazing events, anniversary’s and improvements. I have enjoyed blogging this year and sharing my snapshots with everyone. I’m looking forward to 2016 and hopefully the good times will continue.

Bring on 2016! 🙂 


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