The 10 most popular posts of 2015

Here are my top 10 most popular posts of 2015 with the most views. I’ll be sharing more year end blog posts in the days ahead looking back at 2015. Stay tuned for that. 🙂

  1. Ebbe Linden talks about education, Second Life and next generation platform at VWBPE 2015 – 2, 784 views
  2. 2015 Second Life grid statistics update – 893 views
  3. Lumiere Noir who built the Ivory Tower of Prims has died – 890 views
  4. New screenshot of the Project Sansar Login Page – 885 views
  5. Ebbe Altberg discussing Project Sansar – 745 views
  6. 2015 Fashion For Life in Second Life Press Release – 662 views
  7. Project Sansar is the codename for the next generation platform – 589 views
  8. SL/WoW documentary “Login2Life” – 516 views
  9. Linden Lab publishes upcoming improvements to Second Life – 508 views
  10. Linden Lab announces Project Sansar closed alpha – 490 views

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