Linden Lab publishes 2015 year in review highlights

On Wednesday 23rd December Linden Lab published a blog post called Second Life 2015 Mix – A Greatest Hits Compilation highlighting various improvements made to Second Life this year along with inworld events that have happened this year. It’s worth checking the blog post for the full review during the past 12 months.

See below for brief highlights from the blog post.

It’s been a very exciting year for Second Life with great events inworld and really good improvements launched by the lab. It’s been a positive year for sure and I’m sure there will be many more Second Life improvements in 2016. Yay! 🙂

2015 Highlights

  • Tech & Feature improvements – Valhalla (CEF) viewer was released, Viewer Managed Marketplace was launched, magic boxes was launched, Mesh Importer was improved and the Notifications UI was updated. A new control was added to Hover Height.
  • Better Looking Starter Avatars – New classic avatars were launched along with better looking starter options for new residents joining Second Life.
  • New Premium Perks – Experience tools introduced, monthly membership was reduced along with a stop to charges to VAT. Group and IM limits were increased. Concierge hours were extended this year.
  • Lower Land Set-Up Fees & Grandfathered Transfers – Setup fees were lowered for land owners and Grandfathered transfers are now allowed.
  • Inworld Events & Community Fun – Second Life 12th birthday, first session of Lab Chat aired, Snowball Fights, Creepy Crawl, first Music Fest by Linden Lab happened this year along with the launch of PaleoQuest.

2016 Pipeline

  • New Marketplace Search will launch in 2016 (currently in beta) 
  • HTTP project (merging with Voice fixes) coming in 2016 
  • Upcoming Quick Graphics & Rendering Complexity Viewer will launch in 2016
  • Update to the Oculus Rift Viewer coming in 2016 

What developments or events have you enjoyed the most during 2015 in Second Life ? Are you excited for whats to come in 2016 ? 


One thought on “Linden Lab publishes 2015 year in review highlights

  1. zzpearlbottom

    I just wish to see all the old bugs fixed and more being able to see Sl as it deserves (Advanced light rendering always, better crossing sims, a way to handle grifers and spammers and so on).
    As far as Sansar, due to recent developments on Open sim, ill rather go back to OSg then spent a single dime on any other LL product.



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