Eight years blogging about Second Life

Winter Ice Rock Fest 2015_001
8 years blogging about Second Life!

On 18th December 2015 marks eight years since I first started to blog about Second Life news and events back on 18th December 2007. Since then I have enjoyed reporting and sharing things that matter the most.

My main focus has been Second Life and OpenSim since 2007. For the next few years the focus will be on Second Life still but I will be blogging about the upcoming Project Sansar too due to launch to the general public sometime in 2016.

Thanks to everybody that has followed my blog since 2007 and I will be blogging for many more years to come. Here are some stats I would like to share with you all..

Blog stats since 2007

  • 2. 328 blog posts since 2007
  • 462, 526 total views since 2007
  • 170, 082 total visitors since 2007
  • 859 views (Best Views Ever) on 16th May 2014
  • 565 blog followers so far along with 3, 921 other people

Blog stats for 2015

  • Views – 76, 843
  • Visitors – 42, 984 
  • Likes – 893
  • Comments – 475

2016 upcoming milestones

  • Hope to reach 500, 000 total hits/views during 2016
  • Hope to have 600 blog followers / 4, 000 other people during 2016
  • Next year marks my 10th anniversary in Second Life on 31st October 2016
  • Next year marks my 9th year blogging about Second Life on 18th December 2016

I can’t wait to start reporting about the news and events during 2016. I hope you can enjoy the journey with me too. 🙂


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