Second Life 2015: Year in Review – January to June

It’s time to look back at the biggest news stories and inworld events that shaped 2015 during the first 6 months in Second Life. I will publish part 2 of Second Life 2015: Year in Review – the last 6 months from July to December later this month, so stay tuned for that. 🙂

January 2015

Linden Lab announced details about Additional Payment Options for Second Life through a partnership with Skrill.

The SL Go team sent out an email to all SL Go users to let them know of an issue in the SL Go Second Life viewer that prevents them teleporting. The SL Go team gave all SL Go subscribers a free month of SL Go.

February 2015

Over 70 residents attended for a massive snowball fight with the Lindens at the Winter Wonderland regions in Second Life. Many well-known Lindens attended including Torley, Dee, Governance, Keira, Michael and many more.

Wow great snowball fight!
Massive snowball fight Residents Vs Lindens

Linden Lab announced details about upcoming improvements to Second Life including hover height, notifications, mesh import, viewer managed marketplace, graphic settings and development tools.

Linden Lab published a blog post seeking help from the Second Life community in tracking down issues concerning inventory loss.

One Billion Rising 2015 event opened in Second Life. 24 hours of live music and dancing.

One Billion Rising 2015 opens_005
Live music and dancing at One Billion Rising 2015

Linden Lab posted a new blog post asking for Second Life educators to share their educational success stories.

March 2015

Relay for Life of Second Life 2015 season started and over 170 avatars attended the kick off ceremony.

Linden Lab restricted the use of the Linden Dollars in other virtual worlds.

VWBPE 2015 ends
VWBPE 2015

Ebbe Linden talked about education, Second Life and next generation platform at VWBPE 2015. More than 200 avatars attended Ebbe keynotes speech with 100 – 110 people watching it via web stream with a lively debate.

VWBPE 2015 opens_018
VWBPE 2015

OnLive announced that Firestorm Mobile went live on SL Go due to the overwhelming demand from SL Go users.

There was a special meet up event with Lindens at the Meauxle Bureaux region and over 65 avatars attended. There was a massive group selfie at the end of the event.

Group Selfie with Lindens and the SL community
Group Selfie with Lindens and the SL community

April 2015

The SL Go team announced that OnLive had been acquired by Sony and that SL Go was going to be closed down. An online petition was created to urge Sony to keep SL Go open but it failed.

Applications opened for Second Life 12th Birthday celebrations that took place during June 2015. The theme for SL12B Community Celebration was “What Dreams May Come”. 

DBDigital Epsilon announced that the SS Galaxy cruise ship in Second Life was going to be closing down. The SS Galaxy cruise ship was saved later in 2015 by the lab.

SS Galaxy ship
SS Galaxy ship

May 2015

SL Go & OnLive officially closed down after five years of service. Bright Canopy was talked about at the time and sounded very promising. It was still in closed beta testing and the team hosted an invitation-only pre-launch later in the month.

Linden Lab confirmed that Project Sansar was going to be the codename/project name of the next generation platform.

Linden Lab Project Sansar
Project Sansar is the codename/project name

Linden Lab announced details about a Music Festival in celebration of the Second Life 12th anniversary.

Linden Lab hosted a special inworld meetup at the well-known Basilique region with the Second Life community and over 100 avatars attended.

Linden inworld meeting_010
Linden inworld meeting

Bay City in Second Life celebrated their seventh anniversary with a parade and live music. Over 55 avatars attended the celebrations during the afternoon.

Bay City 7th_001
Bay City 7th anniversary celebrations

Ebbe Altberg did a presentation at SVVR 2015 talking about Second Life, the Oculus Rift, Project Sansar.

Linden Lab announced that Premium Members can now join up to 60 groups in Second Life from the previous 42 limit. “That’s why in Second Life’s early days, Residents could only join a maximum of 10 groups. Over the years, we’ve made improvements that enabled us to raise the group limit to a maximum of 42”.

June 2015

Linden Lab announced that the Linden Dollar (L$) Authorised Reseller programme was going to be shut down.

The Second Life 12th birthday community celebrations opened. There were 15 regions along with over 200 exhibits to explore this year.

Raptor loves cake
Raptor loves the SL12B cake

Meet the Lindens interviews at SL12B took place in late May.

After 11 years YadNi s Junkyard in Second Life closed down. YadNi s Junkyard started back on 6th April 2004 and it was the first freebies store in Second Life history to launch.

YadNi s Junkyard 002
YadNi s Junkyard

July 2015 to December 2015 coming soon! 🙂 


Interesting places to visit during the 2015 Christmas season in Second Life

Winter Ice Rock Fest 2015_005
It’s nearly Christmas

Check out these interesting places to visit during the 2015 Christmas season in Second Life. This year there are so many incredible winter locations to explore and enjoy. Christmas shopping has started and there are Christmas events happening across the grid to celebrate the Christmas holiday season. This is a great opportunity to take snapshots, hang out, explore and have fun.

Here are some of the popular winter places to visit in Second Life during 2015.


Calas Galadhon's  'WHITE CHRISTMAS'_007

2015 Christmas TownSLURL

2015 Christmas Town

Christmas at Old Europe Winter VillageSLURL

Christmas at Old Europe Winter Village

Winter Ice Rock Fest 2015SLURL

Winter Ice Rock Fest 2015

The Winter Gacha Festival – SLURL

The Winter Gacha Festival

For more Christmas and winter attractions, see here.