Snowball fights scheduled at BURN2 Santalarity 2015

Happening this weekend! 

Wow great snowball fight!

A huge snowball fight happened earlier this year at the winter wonderland regions

On 12th and 13th December there will be fun snowball fights happening from 2pm SLT/PDT during the BURN2 Santalarity 2015 event in Second Life. There will be live music, ice skating, open mic poetry and a special BURN of Santa’s Village at 6pm SLT on Sunday 13th December 2015.

• Great Things Come in Small Packages •

Like a fable borne upon a mist of time, a magical, mysterious transformation is wrought upon the ancient dry lake bed we know as the playa. When the mist clears you see an alpine wonderland of mountains, hills and valleys.

Oh, but that is not all! As you draw in for a closer look, you notice something incredible: everything is small in size. You are surrounded by miniature villages and diminutive trains, with LIlliputian creatures and beings populating the scene. But don’t let their small sizes fool you – things are rarely as they appear.

Doesn’t that just stir up all sorts of things in your mind? Petites, Tinies, Micros..miniature camps and mini-mutant vehicles, the world goes small! Of course, we’ll have a fun little Burn, too. You are invited to participate!

Tinies, petites and other small avatar creatives are especially invited to be a part of this event, to build, DJ and perform.

Stay tuned for BURN2 news in the Burningman 2.0 group in Second Life or visit


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