Ebbe Altberg talks about the future of virtual reality on Bloomberg West

On 7th December Ebbe Altberg CEO of Linden Lab talked about the future of virtual reality (VR) on Bloomberg West with the Altspacevr founder and CEO Eric Romo. The interview lasted for 4 minutes and 53 seconds and it’s worth watching.

Interesting points

  • It’s going to take a while (next few years) for people to get VR hardware in their hands
  • Last year creators in Second Life cashed out 60 million dollars from creating virtual experiences
  • There is a mass market for VR, there’s going to be a lot of early adopters, smart phone scale but for the billion of users out there – it’s going to take a long time
  • Who is going to buy VR headsets ? – Gamers, specialists, companies that want to have more effective meetings. For the general consumer it’s going to take a long time
  • Over the next year, 18 months the numbers, the scale of the market is going to be more mobile for VR

Watch the full interview here.