Linden Lab announces reduced land setup fee costs in Second Life

Today Linden Lab announced that Second Life land setup fees have been reduced and is effective immediately. This is good news that Linden Lab have finally reduced the setup fee costs for Private Islands and it will be interesting to see whether or not Private Islands will start to increase again soon.

I do think this is a step in the right direction and I’m sure this will be most welcome news. Lowering the tier by a small amount would be a good move and i’m sure many would be happy about that. Will it happen in 2016 or 2017 ?

Here are the new reduced set-up fees:

  • Full Private Island – previously $1000, now $600
  • Developed Full Private Island – previously $1029, now $629
  • Homestead Private Island – previously $375, now $225
  • Developed Homestead Private Island – previously $395, now $250
  • Openspace Private Island – previously $250, now $150

Educational and nonprofit organizations will still continue to receive a 50% discount off the set up fee along with the 50% off ongoing maintenance fees. The lab mentions that “If you have paid a region set-up fee in the past 14 days, you will receive the difference in fees back as a credit (in US Dollars) to your account balance”.

Transferring Regions with Grandfathered Pricing

Effective immediately, both Grandfathered Full Private Island regions ($195/month) and Grandfathered Homestead Private Island regions ($95/month) may be transferred to new owners without losing the discounted pricing. However, the one-time fee for transferring grandfathered regions will be higher than the usual transfer fee, as follows:

  • Transfer of a Full Island, maintaining grandfathered pricing: $600/each
  • Transfer of a Homestead Island, maintaining grandfathered pricing: $300/each

The standard fee will still apply to all other region transfers, as well as if you choose to give up grandfathered pricing when transferring a previously grandfathered region.

What do you think of this announcement ?  

5 thoughts on “Linden Lab announces reduced land setup fee costs in Second Life

  1. Well these Lindens are cheating people with land and setup fees for years. Tier is soo expensive but other people are paying a lot less in tier and setup fees. It is all very unfair and a scam. Now with the new world of project Scamsar I don’t think it will be any better.

    This Ebbie Linden is cheating and if Second Life will close everybody will loose their inventory and their stuff.


  2. There goes the used region market… I guess LL realized that everybody with the slightest knowledge who wanted to buy a region didn’t buy from them anymore but bought an existing one from someone who wanted to get rid of one – at a much lower price tag. This reduction more or less takes away this advantage, keeping in mind that a new region comes with a full month of tier included. Calculating in the transfer fee, an existing region now is worth next to nothing, and a big part of the invested money goes down the drain. The same happened years ago when the setup fees were reduced from 1675 to 1000. I don’t think we will see the grid getting bigger again, when LL did promos, giving out regions at no setup cost, the little spike it gave to the region count lasted for a few weeks before it was eaten up again by the (sadly for years now normal) weekly loss of regions. There might be a few people thinking “Oh yes, now I can afford to buy my own region!” – but 95 percent of them if not more will land on their butts a few months later, once they realize that it isn’t the setup fee that kills you, but the monthly tier…

    So, with the exception of grandfathered regions, which suddenly became more interesting again on the transfer market, LL disvalued the property for all existing region owners. Thanks a lot – NOT.

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