Second Life regions drop under the 25, 000 mark

On 8th November Tyche Shepherd announced that Second Life regions dropped below the 25, 000 regions mark for the first time since June 2008. During the summer private estates dropped below the 18, 000 mark and sadly the decline is still happening it seems.

Overall Second Life is still a huge virtual world today and it’s been a success after 12 years. Second Life is going to be around for many more years to come. There needs to be more interest and lowering the tier may help.

As of 8th November 2015

  • Total number of Main Grid regions: 24, 985
  • Private Estates: 17, 888
  • Linden Owned: 7, 097
  • The year to date private estate losses now stands at 712 = (3.8% down on last year). 

The graph below shows the weekly net change in the number of private estate regions since 28th December 2014. As we look at 2015 there have been some signs of growth however it’s mostly been declining throughout the year.

  • Do you think the decline will continue during 2016 ?
  • Will there be growth during 2016 ?  
  • What needs to be done ? 

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5 thoughts on “Second Life regions drop under the 25, 000 mark

  1. Sadly no surprise, and I don’t see a change for the good in the future at all. LL isn’t listening to the customers. Land prices are in my eyes the biggest obstacles. They say LL is for the creative, but if you want to be really creative and build, they rip you off for the land you need. They don’t even offer some more land options, like a “half region”. Or add some prims to each region type, going to 20k for a full region would go a long way already. Oh well. I guess I should be thankful for them not listening, because if they suddenly did, I might not survive the heart attack it would give me…


    1. They do offer a “half region”…you can buy half a region on the Mainland, or rent a half a region from an estate owner. Or, you can rent an ENTIRE Homestead region from an estate owner, for less than half the monthly cost of a full region. Not only that, but you can “be creative and build” for FREE in public sandboxes, or (more often these days) in a 3D modeling program outside of SL, like Blender. Nevertheless, I agree with you that virtual land is expensive. I don’t think, though, that the cost can be lowered very much. Those server farms cost a bundle to run, you know! The only alternative would be to adopt some other method of generating a revenue stream…and I don’t think we want to go back to the bad old days when LL charged for every prim you kept rezzed in world!


      1. Lindal, none of your options for a “half region” offers the control and possibilities you get with a “complete” region. A homestead is a nice thing, but in the end still limited by prim count. I do have customers who want “some more prims” but not being able to take the step to a full region, it is just too steep. And you can’t be creative (as in building and developing a complete region) in a sandbox. Amongst the thousands of lost regions over the last few years where many beautiful developed places which were showcases for what can be done in SL 😦

        Personally, I do think that region cost could be lowered. Definitely not as drastically as to the prices that are offered in 3rd party grids, but a cut to lets say $250 per region I see as both possible and in the end profitable. I’m just a small “landlord”, but before the Homestead Debacle I had alone 16 of these and added at least one per week. Now I have 4, 3 grandfathered ones amongst them. At my peak times I sent $2085 to the lab each month. Now that is down to $1295. So they lose $790 from me each month by simply not making them (which of course is not profit, but a good share of it would be). Lower the cost and make a new and fair land portfolio for private regions would go a long way. $250 for a full region, $125 for a half region and $65 for a quarter would work and be a real incentive for people to invest in land again.

        But they don’t even go the small and almost cost neutral step of upping the prim count for the existing regions. 20,000 for a full region and 5,000 for a Homestead would do lots already. Including sending the message to the customers that LL actually listens and cares…


  2. This is rather interesting by Tyche Shepherd pointing out about the highest amount of regions recorded..

    “The highest I recorded was 31,988 regions in total back on 13th June 2010 , but the Private Estate max was 20 months before that on 26th October 2008 , just before the Homestead Debacle when they reached 26,605”.


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