Linden Lab releases new Valhalla project viewer 4.0.0

Linden Lab have released a new exciting project viewer named Valhalla ( this week which comes with a new web media plugin which uses the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) to boost what can be displayed on objects inworld. Valhalla still has issues and it’s known that there are bugs yet to be fixed.

Project Valhalla can display WebGL on a prim rather well now and you can try it out today >

Draxtor uploaded an interesting video today showing 3D stuff on a prim / webGL in Second Life which works with the Valhalla Project Viewer. Interesting stuff! 🙂

This long-awaited project replaces the aging LLQTWebKit system used in the Web media plugin with a shiny new one based on the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) that supports modern web technologies. In fact, we think this is such a big deal that we’re cranking the Viewer version number to 4.0.0.

This is the first iteration of a Project Viewer – which means that while a lot of the problems facing the old MOAP implementation should now become a distant artifact of the past, we are still cranking through the many new issues with our CEF-based solution. See a bug? If you don’t see it filed already – file a Jira! We look forward to your feedback. Thanks!

Very exciting news!


Author: Daniel Voyager

Second Life

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