BURN2 2015 in Second Life, 17th-25th October

BURN2 2015 regions
BURN2 2015 regions – 6 regions

BURN2 2015 will be taking place on Saturday 17th October through until Sunday 25th October 2015. BURN2 is community supported in Second Life this year and as many know it’s an extension of the Burning Man festival in real life. The theme for this year is Carnival of Mirrors and it’s going to be fascinating to see what happens this year.

This year there are six Burning Man regions to explore and the final preparations are underway currently. There will be fire, entertainment, live music and attractions to visit this year. There will be greeters at the welcome gate ready to help around the clock.

I’ve been attending the annual BURN2 / Burning Life events since 2009 in Second Life and it’s one of the biggest events on the grid. I have enjoyed viewing the builds, watching the burns of the man and the temple along with other live events. I have enjoyed blogging about the annual BURN2 events since 2009 and I will continue to blog for years to come because it’s one of my favourite events.

Spread the word cause you don’t wanna miss it. If you have never been then I strongly recommend you visit the annual BURN2 event in Second Life.

Here are some of my snapshots from BURN2 in Second Life from the past.

Day 6 at BURN2! 2010 in SL
BURN2! 2010
BURN2 Spring Event 2011 Opens
BURN2 Spring Event 2011
 BURN2 2012
BURN2 2012
BURN2 2013 - Lamplighter Procession
BURN2 2013 – Lamplighter Procession
The Temple
The Temple 2014
BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2015
BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2015

More info at burn2.org


Sixth Annual OpenSim Grid Survey results published

The results have been published for this year’s Sixth Annual OpenSim Grid Survey and for the full results of the survey, see here. This year there was a total of 1, 006 ballots and from that 971 were counted.

Here are some of the graphs with the results for them. 🙂

Total number of responses for each grid

  • InWorldz came 1st place with 149 responses,
  • DigiWorldz came 2nd place with 146 responses
  • The Great Canadian Grid came in 3rd place with 138 responses.
  • Kitely came in 4th place with 52 responses
Total number of responses for each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)

How many people visited each grid

  • InWorldz: 67%
  • OSGrid: 63%
  • The Great Canadian Grid: 46%
  • Metropolis: 41%
How many people visited each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)
Grid Survey – 2015 – Overview (Hypergrid Business data.)

Tangle Grid and Nara’s Grid came out on top which is rather surprising. I thought InWorldz, Kitely and OSGrid would be much higher. I like this graph because of the overview comparison between the popular OpenSim grids.

Linden Lab releases new Valhalla project viewer 4.0.0

Linden Lab have released a new exciting project viewer named Valhalla ( this week which comes with a new web media plugin which uses the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) to boost what can be displayed on objects inworld. Valhalla still has issues and it’s known that there are bugs yet to be fixed.

Project Valhalla can display WebGL on a prim rather well now and you can try it out today > http://madebyevan.com/webgl-water

Draxtor uploaded an interesting video today showing 3D stuff on a prim / webGL in Second Life which works with the Valhalla Project Viewer. Interesting stuff! 🙂

This long-awaited project replaces the aging LLQTWebKit system used in the Web media plugin with a shiny new one based on the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) that supports modern web technologies. In fact, we think this is such a big deal that we’re cranking the Viewer version number to 4.0.0.

This is the first iteration of a Project Viewer – which means that while a lot of the problems facing the old MOAP implementation should now become a distant artifact of the past, we are still cranking through the many new issues with our CEF-based solution. See a bug? If you don’t see it filed already – file a Jira! We look forward to your feedback. Thanks!

Very exciting news!