A visit to Mont Saint Michel in Second Life

Mont Saint Michel

Today I went to visit Mont Saint Michel in Second Life which is due to be closed down anytime now. It’s sad to see yet another well-known location in Second Life about to disappear due to economical reasons and it’s a real shame the region can’t be saved.

For those that have not yet visited it’s a really beautiful recreation of the well-known France Mont Saint Michel and it’s really worth visiting. Mont Saint Michel in Second Life came online in 2008 and over the years it’s been a very popular Second Life destination.

Mont Saint Michel

I believe Linden Lab should preserve the much loved Mont Saint Michel in Second Life or the creator/owner should get someone to keep it up. Today (1st October) Mont Saint Michel in Second Life is still online.

Hurry and visit! – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mont%20Saint%20Michel/222/95/26

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel_020

Mont Saint Michel_011

Mont Saint Michel_004

See more snapshots of Mont Saint Michel in Second Life here.

4 thoughts on “A visit to Mont Saint Michel in Second Life

  1. He also had this build in InWorldz – I’m not sure if it still up or not, if I find it I will share a LM for anyone hoping to still see it.


    1. Mont St Michel in Inworldz was made by the legendary Yadne Monde; I don’t think he had anything to do with the SL build, though I may be wrong. Mont St Michel in inworldz is a wonderful build in it’s own right -Yadne Monde took prim building as far as it could be taken with that build, in my opinion. It’s also worth seeing because Yadne is French and visted the RL site in person to use as reference for his build.


  2. Linden needs to preserve a sim every week now these days. People are leaving the grid in droves and dumping sims like mad. Ebbe Altberg is causing Second Life to be completely destroyed. The sim dumping each week has even increased, previous week 50 sims. The grid is below 18000 sims already a number from 2008. Nobody is spending money and the Lindex is now out of balance.

    Things are not looking good at all, the entire grid is going under as we speak.


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