A visit the Grand Canyon in Second Life

Grand Canyon
Bugs Bunny goes hand gliding

Today I went to visit the Grand Canyon in Second Life and I have to admit it’s a really nice location to visit. I have not been to the real life Grand Canyon yet but I hope to in the near future.

The scenery is lovely if you have the right windlight settings I think. There’s quite a bit to do and see in the Gran Canyon. It’s really huge that you could spend so many hours exploring it all. I enjoyed going on the viewing platform which is transparent and worth going on.

Grand Canyon
The viewing platform
Grand Canyon_009
The bridge with amazing views

Fun adventures at he Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon
A fun drive around

Grand Canyon_020

There are 3 regions to explore Grand Canyon North, Grand Canyon and Grand Canyon South. There are balloon rides, zip lines, skydiving, go on a hand glider tour, sports activities along with so much more to enjoy.

There are dirt bikes and quad bikes on stand by to explore the rugged areas of the canyon. If you love challenges then I recommend this. Again there is so much to explore and do here.

Grand Canyon
Welcome Area with the ready to go balloon rides

Explore the gorgeous, rugged beauty of the Grand Canyon — a place of beauty that also offers SL skill-enhancing activities and sports, including balloon rides, dirt biking, zip lines and more. Adventure, contemplation, relaxation and discovery await you at this majestic, peaceful destination.

Grand Canyon_013
Lovely sunset

Come and check out the Grand Canyon in Second Life.

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Daniel Voyager

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4 thoughts on “A visit the Grand Canyon in Second Life”

  1. Looks fab. I haven’t been to RL Grand Canyon either, but this is definitely worth a visit. Also, I wonder if someone could build Valles Marineris (the grand canyon of Mars) for SL (haven’t been there either, yet, lol). How about Second Mars, then – a future project for Linden Lab, perhaps 🙂


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