Linden Lab reduces cost of monthly Premium subscriptions and ends VAT for Premium subscriptions

Premium Upgrade Options

Linden Lab have announced today on the Second Life Official Blog with immediate effect that they are reducing the standard cost of a monthly Premium subscription down to $9.50 a month and ending the VAT charge for Premium subscriptions.

This sounds like a good way forward to me and i’m sure many will be happy to see their annual subscriptions reduced. I would imagine there will be more upgrades in the weeks ahead from having a basic account to a premium subscription.

Premium Membership Benefits

  • Own your private Linden Home
  • Access to Premium only sandboxes / adult only areas
  • Linden dollar rewards
  • Live chat support
  • Exclusive virtual goods
  • And more!

Here is the blog announcement announcing the new changes…

Being Premium comes with many perks, including a weekly L$ stipend, more privacy with a Linden Home, exclusive gifts and experiences, and now, live chat with the Concierge Support team at Linden Lab.

If you missed your chance to take advantage of our recent 50% off monthly Premium Membership offer – there’s no reason to worry! Now, we’re reducing the standard cost of a monthly Premium subscription to just $9.50 a month.Enjoy all the benefits of Premium Membership for less!

We will also no longer charge VAT for Premium subscriptions. If you live in a region where VAT applies, this means an effective savings in some countries of more than 20% below what you would have previously paid!

Find out more about the benefits of going Premium and upgrade your account here.

What do you think of this announcement ?

Share your views in comments! 🙂 


4 thoughts on “Linden Lab reduces cost of monthly Premium subscriptions and ends VAT for Premium subscriptions

  1. I always get used to be premium and im glad they took out the vat even if some wonder if now we can get a refund for all the previous years i was paying it, lol.
    But the main goal is to make more member premium and there are very good reasons to wish to be so, live support and access to ll mainland, auctions and so on.
    Still one thing needs to be cleared up, that the lab uses to shutdown premium accounts without warning for billing issues and make many ex premium loose all, making them leave or rollback to non premium accounts.
    The lab must treat premium members on that matter (shutting down accounts without warning via auto process) much fair and make sure nobody will regret being one cause of a issue that could be easy solved by direct contact (an im or notecard to the avatar with issues, before shutting down accounts, and waiting for a reply at least 1 week before they end the account).


  2. sigh bad luck, my Premium is already paid for this year, so now wait 1 more year to get that reduction. Wondering how the Lab is now able to get rid of the VAT. For me it has been 19% higher than for residents living in USA. Once the Lab told us, that they must cash VAT becase the European authorities force them to do it. And now suddendly they dont’t need to pay VAT? hmm it has been many years that I had to pay 85 US$ yearly. Was a lot of money for the only Premium-Pro I used 2-3 times in 6 years: chat support. And that being an Opensim user, I always have L$, because of the L$ I receive each week, in case I want to purchase full perm material to use in opensim.


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