New look for the InWorldz Welcome Area

InWorldz has a new look welcome area built by YadNi Monde and here are some first time snapshots of the area. I really think the layout is better than before and it’s going to be a big help to newcomers. My fav area is the central area of the region and the buildings around the outside look really nice.

Don’t forget there are many helpful Mentors at the welcome area ready to help out.

Come and check it out! 🙂

New InWorldz Welcome Area
Landing spot for newcomers
New InWorldz Welcome Area
New central area
InWorldz Welcome Area_003
Looks really nice from this angle
InWorldz Welcome Area_001
New look welcome area

What do you think of the new look InWorldz welcome area ?


9 thoughts on “New look for the InWorldz Welcome Area

  1. I know its beautiful but it what a surprise. I have had an inworldz account but chose to go in and look around again. I’m a bit nervous about SL’s future and want to keep my options open. So I logged it and wham wondered where I was. What was nice there were people there to help new residents.

    Even though I after ten years in SL I know the basics of moving around she took me to places where I could buy a new skin and gave me the free AO for new residents. I hate walking around like I have a stick up a certain part of my anatomy.


  2. I haven’t gone inWorldz for close to a year. I just got tired of the same old same old … Just not much going on. The Welcome area looks wonderful. I may need to log in and see what else is going on. Thanks for keeping us updated on such things!


    1. IMHO the welcome is much Improved in looks. I hadn’t logged in for several months. Unfortunately inworldz still lacks much to do once you leave the welcome area.
      I am exploring inworldz more these days and hit a something I really didn’t like. I found some shoes I really liked. Sadly your had to also by the designers version of mesh feet for $i250 if you wanted them to fit. Those feet would also fit the designers other shoes but IMHO those others weren’t that great.


      1. Yeah, there are mesh body enhancements but it’s very hit or miss, and otherwise, like someone else has stated, you’re back in SL circa 2006, which is harsh, but hmmm, 2009?

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      2. Technically I’d say 2009. As far as number of people though it feels like 2005. Unless you are in a welcome area you probably won’t see anyone most of the day. The people are friendly though. I was really surprised when one of the greaters offered me some cash to get started with. I doubt that would happen in SL.

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  3. Many of the people I’ve met are friendly. Hell, most of them were designers/builders. What inWorldz lacks most are residents who aren’t builders/designers but recreationists.


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