Second Life community invited to “Ask the CEO”

Linden Lab have opened a new Forum thread this week called “Ask the CEO” for the Second Life community to post questions that didn’t get answered during the SL12B Meet the Linden interviews last month. There were many Second Life and Project Sansar questions that didn’t get answered during the birthday celebrations.

Ebbe Linden, Pete Linden and many more Lindens will be answering your questions in forum thread on things that matter to you. If you have a question on Second Life or Project Sansar etc post them here

Here are is a brief summary of some the answers so far 

  • Improvements coming soon for Media on a Prim
  • It’s unlikely there will be rounded edges to be introduced to Second Life
  • Second Life will work with Windows 10
  • Sansar will require higher specs than Second Life and that it will be capable of so much more than Second Life
  • There is a dedicated core team working on improving Second Life and keeping it fresh
  • Sansar will have a new marketplace with new technology along with a new user experience
  • There is support for physically based materials with spec, smoothness, “metalness” and normal maps
  • Sansar won’t be 100% backward compatible with Second Life
  • There will be flying and boating in Sansar with much more
  • SL residents will be able to create Sansar personas (under a master account) using their Second Life user names

Check out the Forum thread for more answers in the days ahead and spread the word. 🙂

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