Dr. Phil talk show in HD now available to watch featuring Second Life

The full episode of Dr. Phil talk show is now available to watch again in HD featuring Second Life. The episode is called Won’t Work, Won’t Go to School: “My Son Just Wants to Game All Day” and runs for 40 minutes.  Ebbe Linden was featured in this episode talking about how Second Life can help people in a positive way. The good news is that Dr. Phil didn’t really say anything negative about Second Life, gaming or virtual worlds. Enjoy watching!

Episode Details

Sarah says her 23-year-old son, Justin, is so consumed with playing video games that he dropped out of college, can’t hold a job and is neglecting his health — losing more than 50 pounds — and she fears he’ll die if he doesn’t stop. Sarah says she has tried cutting off Justin financially and giving him ultimatums, but he always finds a way to continue gaming to excess.

Justin admits he can play 16 hours a day — sometimes lasting up to 30 hours straight — and says he would rather live in the virtual world than the real world. What could be driving his behavior? And, has his hobby become an addiction that could eventually kill him?

With the help of Dr. Rachael Ross, co-host of the Emmy Award-winning show The Doctors, Dr. Phil opens Justin’s eyes to the potential health dangers he faces. Will it have an impact? Plus, how can Justin regain traction in his life?

Gaming to Death?

Sarah says Justin once weighed 160 pounds and has whittled down to 110 pounds because of his video game “addiction.” She fears he’ll die if he doesn’t get help. “He won’t even eat,” she says. “I absolutely believe Justin’s video game addiction is killing him.”

Justin’s stepfather, Graham, says he and Sarah have attempted, unsuccessfully, to help Justin. “At the end of the day, I think Justin is an escapist,” he says. “If you took gaming away, he would find some way to escape.”

Graham says he and Sarah have reached a breaking point. “We’ve stopped offering financial support to him,” he says. “Sarah and I have given him a series of ultimatums.”

Sarah adds, “I’m ready to cut him off and let him swim; I just need to know from Dr. Phil that he won’t sink.”

Tune in to see what happens when Dr. Rachael Ross runs medical tests on Justin while he’s gaming. Will the results make an impact? And, will Justin accept the help that Dr. Phil offers?

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Second Life community invited to “Ask the CEO”

Linden Lab have opened a new Forum thread this week called “Ask the CEO” for the Second Life community to post questions that didn’t get answered during the SL12B Meet the Linden interviews last month. There were many Second Life and Project Sansar questions that didn’t get answered during the birthday celebrations.

Ebbe Linden, Pete Linden and many more Lindens will be answering your questions in forum thread on things that matter to you. If you have a question on Second Life or Project Sansar etc post them here

Here are is a brief summary of some the answers so far 

  • Improvements coming soon for Media on a Prim
  • It’s unlikely there will be rounded edges to be introduced to Second Life
  • Second Life will work with Windows 10
  • Sansar will require higher specs than Second Life and that it will be capable of so much more than Second Life
  • There is a dedicated core team working on improving Second Life and keeping it fresh
  • Sansar will have a new marketplace with new technology along with a new user experience
  • There is support for physically based materials with spec, smoothness, “metalness” and normal maps
  • Sansar won’t be 100% backward compatible with Second Life
  • There will be flying and boating in Sansar with much more
  • SL residents will be able to create Sansar personas (under a master account) using their Second Life user names

Check out the Forum thread for more answers in the days ahead and spread the word. 🙂