Press Release: Digital Lisbon gets 144 regions & seeks new crowdfunding


Carlos Loff, an experienced virtual worlds builder and community manager since 2007 in Second Life, has re-launched a crowd funding campaign for $2,250 now to expand and build a 144 regions Digital Lisbon on Aviworlds  the new mega-project partner and supporter. Lisbon foundations open to visits next July 15th. Part of the money raised, or $600, will cover the first year hosting fees, $1,000 for events, and $500 for purchasing content and building the virtual recreation.

“Digital Lisbon is now by far the biggest city replica in the whole Metaverse, with nothing less than 9 clustered Megaregions of 16 regions each” said Loff.

According to Loff, it will have an almost 70% degree of geographical scale accuracy and structural continuity, and will cover the equivalent to 9 square kilometers of virtual land. 

“People will be able to furnish their own homes, attend concerts, fairs and workshops, explore virtual museums and monument replicas, rent a store or office and run a bar, theater or school,” he added.

“What makes Lisbon special are elements such as unparallel city size and continuity, building and texturing accuracy, full usage and interactivity of buildings, objects and living things, everything brought alive with many community activities and dynamics, including hiring many artists and lecturers,” said Loff.

Loff’s campaign offers special access and uses to backers and a free piece of land to top supporters, with freedom to develop their own vision of business, education or entertainment activities.

Visit the crowd fund campaign, help make a difference on the metaverse and get your piece of Lisbon at


5 thoughts on “Press Release: Digital Lisbon gets 144 regions & seeks new crowdfunding

  1. This pretty much sounds like a lil-boy-dream: “$500 for purchasing content and building the virtual recreation” is by far not enough for “building and texturing accuracy” – perhaps for a draft of a single region. Please don’t push such nonsense by calling it a ‘Press Release’.


    1. Im myself a builder, a Geographer and a Professional Photographer, I deal very well with Photoshop and enough with Mesh, so I count on ME for most of the building and content, only purchasing what I can’t do – And by all means, YES, a little boys dream, always, THANK YOU – Never kill your little boy dream, those are the best dreams when made truth, we all just have to wait and see

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  2. Help grow Digital Lisbon for the whole Hypergrid – Biggest Metaverse RL city replica – Continuous 144 SIMs – Soon an independent Min-Grid

    Your Beacon on te Hypergrid
    Ready for Other Grids Avatars
    Your Metaverse Meeting Spot

    Digital Lisbon will have it’s own grid for an Hypergrid independant presence but in the meantime is being built and developed at Aviworlds – It’s constant modularity and OARs saving allow to move it to any grid just overnight

    Donate and get your piece of Lisbon – Host your own free Home, Club, School, Store or Office

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  3. Lisbon Terrain is Born – Vist Now –
    After loging into Aviworlds Type – Lisbon – on the Map and head to the central Varegion – Firestorm Bet has issues with Vars, better use Release 4.6.9 – THE DREAM IS ON AND REAL

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