SL12B Press Day: sign up and have early access to the sims

SL11B Pod Tours
SL11B Pod Tours

This year SL12B Press Day will take place on Saturday 20th June 2015 and the sims open to the press at 12pm SLT until midnight. If you are interested in having early access to the sims and want to see the amazing builds then please sign up today.

SL12B press packs and goodies will be sent out to those that doing the tours during press day. There will be information on the SL12B big hunt along with a interesting list of useful landmarks to explore. It’s worth riding the SL12B pod tour on press day to discover more great builds. Press members in the group will be able to blog, take snapshots and videos.

In previous years the press days have been very successful and exciting to be apart of. There is one week until the grand opening of SL12B community celebration. Yay! 🙂