8 years later on Flickr

My Flickr stream

It’s been 8 years since I first joined Flickr back in early June 2007 when I first uploaded snapshots from Second Life. I have really enjoyed sharing my adventures with everyone since then covering events, attending parties, weddings, meetings, sharing maps, the new stuff and much more.

SL Flickr Sets 2

In the years ahead I will continue to share my journey with you all and I hope you will continue the adventures with me. I can’t wait and the best times are still ahead I think. 🙂

SL Flickr Sets 1

Today I was looking at the stats for my SL Flickr account and they are really impressive I think for 8 years. Here they are for the first time:

  1. Since June 2007 I have had 1,650,313 views in total so far
  2. I’ve uploaded 24, 823 Photos since June 2007 
  3. 1, 379 pages of snapshots
  4. Daily average of between 400 – 1, 300 views per day
  5. I’m using 11.71GB of my unlimited storage
  6. I’m in 400 SL Flickr groups and I admin 24 groups 

7. This is my most viewed snapshot on my SL Flickr stream with 14, 462 views in total. 

Most viewed
SL: Happy New Year 2009 – the owl on top is me!

8. This is my most interestingness snapshot on my SL Flickr stream with 2, 224 views in total. 

SL Flickr Buddies
SL Flickr Buddies back in July 2009

See your SL Flickr Buddies collage here > https://www.flickr.com/fun/buddies.gne – use a full page screen capture and enjoy! 🙂 

Updated version

Check out my newly updated 2015 SL Flickr Buddies collage created today. Where are you ? 🙂

SL Flickr 2015