SS Galaxy is returning soon

SS Galaxy
SS Galaxy regions

As many know already the famous SS Galaxy ship in Second Life closed down after 8 years earlier this month and the regions are no longer accessible. The closure marked the end of an era but there is exciting news on the horizon because it’s going to be modified so that Linden Lab can place it back inworld as a Museum soon.

The ship will be open for visitors in the near future and the ship will be preserved as a piece of Second Life history so thats the good news at the moment. More information will be released soon.

Changes ahead!

  • No previous management or crew will be aboard 
  • No rentals or events will be hosted
  • The ship will exist in a museum state 
  • Linden Lab takes ownership of the sims

On Tuesday 12th May 2015, DBDigital Epsilon who is the former Manging Director of SS Galaxy said this in a recent blog post

Dear Supporters and Friends of the SS Galaxy,

There have been many rumors cycling regarding the Galaxy and what really happened.  I can’t release that information as of yet.  However, I can now say that the SS Galaxy has been acquired by Linden Labs and will return.  She is currently undergoing retrofitting to sail under the Linden Labs flag.  I have been tirelessly converting all the transferable prims I personally owned to Linden Lab ownership, and my part of the project is now complete.

Sadly being under Linden Lab’s flag also means that none of the previous management or crew will be aboard in any sort of capacity.  I have also been told there will be no rentals or events.  This means she will not quite be the Galaxy you know and love.  But she will still exist in a museum state and be open for visitation in the near future.

More information will be released as I can.  I wish to thank everyone again from the guests, to the staff, and beyond.  You all made the Galaxy the special place she was, and no one can take that from us.

DBDigital Epsilon
Former Manging Director
SS Galaxy

Stay updated on the SS Galaxy here

SS Galaxy ship


8 thoughts on “SS Galaxy is returning soon

  1. A Galaxy without rentals or events? The build itself is impressive, of course, but it seems the heart will be gone.


  2. I am so happy that Linden Lab saved the SS Galaxy. I also agree with Linn that it will lose its heart by simply becoming a standalone museum.

    The next part is total speculation and dreaming based on reading many blogs about the subject and just being in love with the Galaxy since its inception… The Lindens are going above and beyond to save a historic build. I imagine, since there was quite the build team on this structure over the years, the Lab has to acquire rights from the original builders on every. single. prim. and recreate the prims that are no-transfer or otherwise withheld (hence the Mole involvement). Thus, when it is done, it will be a Linden build and Linden intellectual property.

    At that point, why not just transfer (or loan) the build back to the original region owner to be operated under the Linden flag? LL gets its tier for the regions (instead of having to add to the overhead of maintenance or LDPW regions), the regions are once again managed by the sim owner (who, after reading his profile and hearing about him supporting great builds like the WWI Poetry region, is probably just supporting the Galaxy out of love – because it was due to disappear in 2009 or 2010 as I recall), the staff can come back and do what they do best, we benefit with the return of events and rentals – and – well – everyone wins.

    We can’t compare saving the Galaxy to saving Svarga – The Galaxy was an active and vibrant community and destination while Svarga was truly historic beauty and in itself a passive museum. It will be interesting to hear the details of this project and how it is presented back to the SL community. I just thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. 🙂


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