Highlights: The Basilique Linden Lab inworld meetup

Basilique Linden inworld meeting
The inworld meetup today with Lindens and Residents

On Thursday 14th May 2015 between 1pm to 2pm SLT Linden Lab hosted a special inworld meetup at the well known Basilique region with the Second Life community. This time over 100 avatars attended (104 was recorded at one point) and many Lindens stopped by to chat. There were discussions on SL12B, SS Galaxy the next generation platform and many more topics.

There was a live stream via YouTube of this inworld meetup and the meeting was done using text chat. There will be more meetups in near future and I hope to attend those. I did crash a few times but managed to take snapshots of the meeting.

Here are my snapshots of the meetup from today.

Linden inworld meeting 2015
More than 100 avs attended
Linden inworld meeting
The wondering owl attends the meetup

Linden inworld meeting_005

Linden inworld meeting_003

Linden inworld meeting_010

Visit Basilique here


Linden Lab inworld meetup starts today at 1pm SLT at Basilique

Breaking News

Today at 1pm SLT head over to Basilique where Linden Lab will be holding a special inworld meetup with the Second Life community. Everyone is welcome to come along however please arrive early as the region will most likely be full around 1pm ish.

Basilique Town - Home to Paradise Lost in Second Life
Basilique Town – Home to Paradise Lost in Second Life

Basilique is a lovely town set in northern Italy. Visitors are invited to walk the leafy square and waterfront piers, relax in the bar or cafe, and row around the lake before enjoying wonderfully immersive theatre produced by the Basilique Performing Arts Company. Visit http://bit.ly/thebasilique for more information.

Basilique Town - Home to Paradise Lost in Second Life_004
Basilique signpost of great areas to visit

Xiola Linden confirmed this meeting spot via the official Second Life forums on Wednesday 13th May 2015.

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for all of the great suggestions/recommendations. There is certainly no lack of incredible spots for us to explore in future meetups!

The location for this meetup has been decided and its going to be held at … Basilique! See you there at 1 PM SLT tomorrow – May 14th, 2015!

The last Linden Lab inworld meetup back in March 2015 was a huge success and there was a massive attendance. Basilique is a great choice to host a inworld meetup and it’s going to be exciting to see what happens this time. 🙂

Basilique Town - Home to Paradise Lost in Second Life_003
Come and check out Basilique!