Bright Canopy the journey so far

On 10th May 2015 a new blog post was published on Bright Canopy’s First Month and it’s worth a read if you are following the latest developments for Bright Canopy.

As many know already Bright Canopy will support Second Life and OpenSim during the public launch. Bright Canopy is currently in closed beta with early access starting from 12pm SLT on Tuesday 19th May 2015. The cost will be $1 per hour and soon the service will let you use credit cards as payment.

I have signed up to Bright Canopy for the launch and still waiting for an invite. I know that the Second Life community see Bright Canopy as the next big thing after SL GO and many can’t wait to test our the new service.

Here are the latest updates from the blog post 

  • There has been spectacular community support almost from the first day (beta) including the Q&A session
  • Bright Canopy worked with Frame to validate the core service
  • Bright Canopy nowadays is a sustainable service rather than a demo
  • Payments, metering and metrics now in advance of the Pre Launch are being worked on
  • The team are working with rights holders on licensing and IP questions and chasing down attorneys with four separate firms to find the best fit for Bright Canopy’s legal needs

The Pre-Launch

  • The pre-launch is scheduled for 12pm SLT on Tuesday 19th May 2015
  • The aim is to solve the technical problems and to ensure that streaming virtual world viewers is a viable business.
  • There will be an hourly fee set at less than one dollar (USD) per hour.

What comes next ?

  • The team is working on bidding strategies, avoiding adding any unnecessary overhead, and even working with Amazon
  • Pricing will remain the hardest thing to be resolved
  • The aim is to grow Bright Canopy from a seed into a mighty larch.

Stay updated on the latest news via the Bright Canopy official blog.

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