Project Sansar is the codename for the next generation platform

Today Linden Lab confirmed via the official Linden Lab Twitter page that Project Sansar is the codename/project name of the next generation platform. The final name is to be revealed in the future. Linden Lab have said this “We’ll share more as we move forward with this exciting project”.

Linden Lab Project Sansar

Inara Pey received this email today from Peter Gray (Peter Linden) who said this…

Hi Inara,

Project Sansar is the internal code name we’ve been using for the new platform, and we do plan to use that name externally in its early stages (like the invite-only alpha we begin this summer). However, this is just the project name, and we anticipate changing it prior to launching the platform to everyone.


It’s good that the lab have revealed today that the rumours are indeed true on the project name of the next generation platform. As stated above the name will change again when the official launch happens.

Expect more updates in the months ahead from the lab on the next generation platform and I believe exciting times are ahead. 🙂

What do you think about the announcement of Project Sansar ? What name would you like it to be ?


3 thoughts on “Project Sansar is the codename for the next generation platform

  1. When I “name” things, often people say – “why’d ya name it that”..”no one knows what that is”. My response is–“no one knew what Coke was till they named it so. So….I guess it could be anything..and surely I have a name I think’d be a good one – Perhaps I’ll save it for my VW. 0.O But Sansar!? :/–an icy Iranian wind? A tad Odd! IMHO


    1. Well that is the name of lindens original and largest continent Sansara. I think also the name of Second life before they came up with second life.( by Philip Rosedale)……..i kinda like it actually Cant wait to see the alpha..or Beta


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