Bright Canopy early access pre launch at 12pm SLT on 19th May 2015

On Saturday 2nd May 2015 there was a new blog post on the Bright Canopy blog announcing that the invitation-only, early access Pre Launch will be held at 12pm SLT on Tuesday 19th May 2015. This pre launch will be hosted in California and there will be new deployments around the world soon. The public launch will be announced very soon and it’s going to be awesome.

This sounds very exciting that there will be a early access pre launch later this month and then a public launch soon after. This will be a good replacement after the closure of SL GO and everyone should give it a try.

It’s official.

Bright Canopy is completing our beta test and we can finally announce our invitation-only, early access Pre Launch will be Tuesday May 19th at noon SLT.

Those who signed up to help with Beta and Pre Launch should have already received your invitation. If you signed up and received confirmation for Beta or Pre Launch and did not receive your invitation, please contact Bright Canopy Support.

If you missed Beta and Pre Launch and signed up for regular launch notification instead, don’t worry. We will be having a public launch very soon and it will be shiny and awesome because of all of the hard work we’ll put our test subjects Beta and Pre Launch folks through.

The purpose of this early access release is to learn how to properly serve our customers and manage the Bright Canopy network for maximum efficiency. This will be a full, working version of Bright Canopy with no limit on time, persistent user settings, Dropbox and Google Drive support, Cut and Paste and Ultra Graphics. Residents can refill hours as often as they like for less than one dollar (USD) per hour (or equivalent, more details on payment options coming soon). We will not be accepting Lindens for Pre Launch, but we hope to be at least testing Linden Payment by public launch.

If you are interested in signing up for launch of Bright Canopy and receiving special perks, see here.