Raglan Shire region closing down on InWorldz


Raglan Shire of InWorldz 2015
Raglan Shire of InWorldz 2015

The well known Raglan Shire region on the InWorldz grid will be shutting down around the 15th May 2015. The announcement came from Zayn Till on 10th April 2015 who is the founder of the Raglan Shire of InWorldz. This is really sad news to hear about and this will be a huge loss for the InWorldz community for sure.

Visit the Raglan Shire region here if you are a InWorldz resident. Here is the full announcement made on 10th April 2015 via the Friends of Raglan Shire group.


Thought I’d pop in to make the announcement that Raglan Shire is going to be closed.

The sim will remain on the grid for another 5 weeks & then be shut down (Around May 15th-ish).

This will give everyone enough time to take up any no-copy items or builds (or anything really) if necessary.

While very sad, the sim really hasn’t been utilized & I’d rather not continue to accept donations just to make tier if this is the case.

I have nothing but respect for the Inworldz grid. The founders & people behind the scenes make this grid fantastic. A big thank you for all the hard work you did for Raglan Shire personally, in the beginning.
You are the best.

Special thank-you’s as well to Etheria, Oceanoz, Liandras, Caleb & all the folken who helped bring the tree to life as well as maintain it.

It was glorious.

Thank you,

Zayn Till

What do you think about the closing of Raglan Shire region on the InWorldz grid ?

3 thoughts on “Raglan Shire region closing down on InWorldz

  1. The Raglan sim in InWorldz may be going, but the Tinies of IW are numerous, alive and well. WE are not going anywhere. Tinies have been well integrated within the grid as a whole from the start. We are involved in everything. We are everywhere. The larger grid seems to be our community, though we also have our gridwide network of “wee folks”, which will now get stronger. Anyone interested please join WeeFolks of InWorldz group – this will be the main group for overall information on all things Tiny, Dinkie, “wee”. It is a network of wee folk of all kinds and tiny/dinkie regions all over the grid. And in just a few days you can visit the new WeeFolks of InWorldz Hub & Market.

    InWorldz is the most active of the grids other than SL. Bigger is NOT necessarily better. I have been resident of IW since 2010 and I love it. So much more creative freedom, an active economy that supports my sims, substantially lower costs, ethical and caring founders, so many more prims to create with, great people, etc. etc. I would not trade it for any other grid.

    Zayn never really had time to get to know IW as a whole due to RL making so many demands on him the past few years. Oh well, life changes and changes us all the time. He has been my friend for a very long time and I will always be grateful for what he created. He now moves on, as he must, from Raglan in IW and we wish him well. I am grateful Raglan IW was part of the beginning and growth of InWorldz.

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