A brief history of SL Go


This is a special tribute blog post to the amazing SL Go service that’s closing on 30th April 2015. Over the past year the SL Go team have put into hard work into the service to ensure that the experience worked. I would like to say personally to the SL Go team thanks so much for the service during the past year. Good luck for the future! 🙂

A brief history of SL Go from March 2014 to April 2015

The launch of SL Go mobile app 5th March 2014

Pre-March 2014 Linden Lab selected SL residents to help test and review the SL Go app. The exciting news came when Linden Lab announced SL Go open beta on 5th March 2014. The main issue was pricing and that it wasn’t available on IOS devices.

SL Go app

Special podcast on the Drax Files Radio Hour 7th March 2014

The 9th episode of The Drax Files Radio Hour podcast was aired featuring interviews with OnLive’s Nate Barsetti and Dennis Harper who talked about the public beta of SL Go.

SL Go on month later 5th April 2014

There was mixed feedback and surveys to fill out a month after the launch. SL Go was available on Android, PCs and Macs. It was not ready for iOS and IPads.  On 3rd April 2014 OnLive announced new updates on pricing and more support for more countries around the world. The pricing model changed and the price dropped a little.

7 days free trail period on SL Go 3rd June 2014

OnLive offered new SL Go users a 7-Day Free Trial with sign up for an unlimited access’ subscription package.

Free Trail SLGo

SL Go: SL11B promotion – 22nd June 2014

During SL11B new users joining SL Go were offered 75% off the first month of an unlimited access subscription package.

Draxtor adventures with SL Go in real life11th November 2014

Draxtor Despres created a new advert using SL Go on the road in real life featuring Torley Linden voice. “lets SL go places”

SL Go “Refer A Friend” program 14th November 2014

During early November 2014 OnLive announced a new SL Go “Refer A Friend” program. Anyone can earn $10 for every referral who converts to a paid SL Go subscriber. This was a limited time only offer.

SL Go teleporting issue email30th January 2015

In late January 2015 the SL Go team sent out an email to all SL Go users informing them of an issue with the SL Go SL viewer that prevents teleporting. The SL Go team gave all SL Go subscribers a free month to make up for time lost.

SL Go – New users can now pay with L$ 9th March 2015

In early March 2015 OnLive announced that new users joining can buy weekly subscriptions inworld using Linden Dollars (L$) for a limited time. Existing users with monthly subscriptions were told that this feature would be rolled out in near future.

Firestorm Mobile is now live on SL Go23rd March 2015

OnLive announced that the Firestorm Viewer was available for mobile devices including Android and iOS thanks to overwhelming demand from the SL Go community. This was really exciting news for all Firestorm users and SL Go users to hear about.

SL Go service closing down on 30th April 20153rd April 2015

In early April 2015 OnLive was acquired by Sony and SL Go is set to close down on 30th April 2015. Apparently all SL Go services will continue to operate until 30th April and all services will be free for SL Go users or anyone that creates a new account. The SL Go Island will continue to be online for a while but the Pay with L$ feature has been removed.

After 30th April 2015 the SL Go/OnLive data centers will shut down and the service will be offline. All accounts will then be closed down and all credit card data will be deleted. Apparently no refunds will be available for any subscriptions.

SL Go online petition update 2 – 7th April 2015

If you want to try to save SL Go then please sign the online petition here. 225 supporters have signed already. Spread the word and lets try to save it.

The Future – 2015-2020+

It’s a real shame that the SL Go project is ending after a year in service and I hope in the near future that something like SL Go can happen again. We will have to wait and see what happens in the years to come.

So lets log into SL Go and make the most of it before 30th April 2015. It’s free for all SL Go users and for new account signups.


6 thoughts on “A brief history of SL Go

  1. Nice summary Daniel.

    I noticed soooo many folks with 8,9 10 years who came back in last few months all because of SL go. I think Linden Lab will notice a decrease in concurrency when SL go closes end of the month.

    It will be a real shock to go back to having to wait to rez, to not being able to see it the whole sim, having lag.

    The Lab really needs to step up it technology game getting accessible using a cloud system like SL go did.

    There really is no going back.


  2. Among coments on the firestorm blog i did found this:
    Best alternative I’ve found is Splashtop, a personal video streaming service. It’s sold to most people as a remote desktop solution but it is optimized for streaming realtime video/graphics from games, just like Onlive. Using Splashtop you can use an old computer to run SL at full speed just by linking the old computer to a new one, which can be any computer in your household. Let’s say you want to run SL from a laptop (old or new) away from home – Splashtop to your home computer and run it full screen.
    Here’s the kicker: Splashtop is also optimzed for tablets, so you can run SL at full speed from your Android or Apple tablet just like Onlive. You can even run it on your mobile phone if your screen is big enough.
    It gets better: on a mobile device you can enhance the user interface to include a virtual joystick and virtual buttons so you even get an OnLive style control interface for your tablet. If there is enough interest I can write a blog page that explains how I did this.
    Splashtop is pretty cheap and it’s a one-time purchase, unlike OnLive. You can also use it to stream any game even top-notch graphics games to your tablet or older PC, as long as it can run in windowed mode.
    Also see Windows Borderless Gaming to run SL in a pseudo full-screen view that trims off the title bar.
    Another tip: use reso.exe if you want to run SL at lower resolution than normal for high speed on older PCs. After you exit SL from reso.exe your desktop returns to its previous resolution. Also very cool for use with Splashtop from your tablet since you can configure it to match your tablet’s native resolution.
    Finally, you can have Windows run SL at high priority to reduce lag. Here is the shortcut that does this and includes reso.exe
    put it in a .bat file, why not
    cmd /c start “Firestorm” /high C:\Windows\reso.exe “C:\Program Files\Firestorm-Releasex64\Firestorm-bin.exe” 1366 768 32 60
    Perhaps it can be a good choice for those who used Sl Go.


  3. Do you have to have Splashtop on and the desktop running SL at the same time you want to use your ipad to cruise SL?

    Would Firestorm viewer work ?


  4. It is a sad thing for older computer users, iPhone, and iPad users who love SL. In fact, I bought an iPad with the express intention of playing SL on it, and am confoundedly typing this message on it instead. I can recommend the Cool Viewer for older computers with advanced view settings (such as low draw distance) (it even supports mesh !): http://sldev.free.fr — but on iOS: in an age of Infinity Blade and Injustice mobile, we are now relegated to just the likes of text-only viewers like Pocket MetaVerse ??


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