VWBPE 2015 feedback survey now available to fill out

The VWBPE organizers would like to know what you thought of VWBPE 2015 by filling out a feedback survey. This survey will help to improve the conference for VWBPE 2016 the 9th annual year. There are 13 questions to answer such as rating the overall experience, which presentations were most interesting and what could be done better etc.

“The VWBPE Organizational Committee would like to thank the numerous presenters, volunteers, sponsors, and organizers that make this conference possible.”

VWBPE 2015 ends today on Saturday 21st March 2015 and the closing ceremony will be happening at 6pm SLT over at the SL-Main Auditorium followed by a dance party from 7pm SLT. There are still many VWBPE 2015 events happening, see here.