Latest grid stats for Second Life & OpenSim – March 2015

Here are the latest grid stats for both Second Life and OpenSim and are correct as of 16th March 2015. Please note that these stats below come via SLUniverse Forums and Hypergrid Business for reference. Every three months I will share the very latest grid stats for Second Life and OpenSim during 2015 to see what’s going on.

Second Life Grid Stats Update

Tyche Shepherd posted a new report on Monday 16th March 2015 (page 92) on the SLUniverse Forums for the total number of Main Grid regions and private estates.

  • Total Number of Main Grid Regions: 25, 549 
  • Private Estates: 18, 535 
  • Linden Owned: 7, 014

Tyche Shepherd mentions on page 92 that the total private estates loses for the first 11 weeks of 2015 comes to a net loss of 65 regions which is 0.3% down on the end of last year.

OpenSim Grid Stats Update

Maria Korolov posted a new report on Hypergrid Business on Monday 16th March 2015 announcing that OpenSim has passed the 30, 000 active users milestone which is incredible I think. OpenSim is still ahead in the total amount of regions while Second Life is slowly declining once again. When SL 2.0 launches it will be interesting to see what happens in terms of the numbers but it’s early to tell at the moment.

  • Land area of OpenSim Public worlds: 57, 941 standard region equivalents (3, 797 square kilometers)
  • 94% of all OpenSim regions (57, 941) are on the hypergrid-enabled grids with 4, 079 of them being on closed grids
  • The number of registered users now stands at 433, 179
Land area on OpenSim’s public grids in standard region equivalents. (Hypergrid Business data.)

Top 10 Grids by Active Users in March 2015.

Top 10 Grids by Region Counts in March 2015.

Active users on the hypergrid-enabled grids and closed grids. (Hypergrid Business data.)

Next stats post will be in June 2015, stay tuned for that.


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