SL/WoW documentary “Login2Life”

Draxtor Despres today uploaded a documentary video called LOGIN2LIFE on his official YouTube channel which runs for 1 hour and 26 minutes. Second Life and World of Warcraft is featured in this documentary. Woooot! 🙂

Elaborate digital platforms like Second Life and World of Warcraft offer novel opportunities for friendship, sex, employment, and aesthetic experience in virtual communities populated by cartoon-like avatars.

Centered around people who have found communities online, Login 2 Life profiles people deeply immersed in virtual worlds, including individuals who are homebound because of their disabilities, and attempts to understand what these individuals get from their virtual lives.

Apparently this SL/WoW documentary “Login2Life” will be shown at the Reel Abilities Film Fest in NYC at 10pm on Tuesday 17th March 2015. There will be a discussion panel in Second Life with a RL audience which sounds most interesting indeed.

More info here >


6 thoughts on “SL/WoW documentary “Login2Life”

  1. draxtor™ (@draxtor)

    Hey Daniel just to be clear: “Login2Life” first aired in Germany and Austria in 2011 and has been available for quite sometime as educational DVD, so in that sense it is not new. We are showing it at the Reel Abilities Festival though and hope that thereafter this will find a wider audience outside of academic circles 🙂

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  2. h2tietgens

    Draxtor, yes! It would definitely deserve a wider audience; even years after its making, Daniel’s film is so full of life, beauty, and truth. Timeless.

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  3. h2tietgens

    Daniel, I know 🙂 Login2Life was created from 2007-2011 by director Daniel Moshel, from Vienna, I think. It premiered on German public television ( ZDF ) in 2011.



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