Exciting events during March 2015 in Second Life

There are many exciting events to look forward to during March 2015 in Second Life and yay spring is around the corner. These events are the ones that I know of at the moment and if you know of any others please share them in comments.

  • Paint SL Purple is still happening in Second Life until 7th March 2015
  • The Full Perm Fair is still happening in Second Life until 22nd March 2015
  • RFL of SL 2015 season officially starts from 7th+ March 2015
  • VWBPE 2015 starts on 18th – 21st March 2015
  • Fashion for Life 2015 officially starts on 21st – 29th March 2015
  • Burnal Equinox in SL 2015 starts on 27th – 29th March 2015

Spread the word 🙂


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