2015 SL Sci-Fi Convention: the final countdown

SL Sci Fi Convention 2015 Map
SL Sci Fi Convention 2015 Map

Today marks Media Day for the 2015 SL Sci-Fi Convention and the sims will open to bloggers/news media at 12pm SLT through to 8pm SLT. There will be tours and opportunities to take snapshots of the wonderful sci-fi builds.

The sims open to the public at 12:01am SLT on Friday 20th February 2015 and will close on 1st March 2015. The opening ceremony begins at 12pm SLT. This is the 8th annual SL Sci-Fi Convention event and it’s in support of Relay For Life of Second Life, an official charity of the American Cancer Society. The theme is The Future is Now! 🙂

There are over 100 exhibitors from across the galaxy, many days of activity adventures, live music events, theatre presentations, parties and much more. Join in with the scavenger hunt, have fun in the amusement park, check out the orbital Space Experience and see the shops.

Spread the word and attend the 2015 SL Sci-Fi Convention. I will be exploring the regions and sharing snapshots/blogging in the days ahead. Stay tuned for that. 🙂

SL Sci Fi Convention 2015


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