The owl goes flying in Second Life

This week the owl went flying in Second Life and yes the owl has a pilot license. I decided to fly between Hollywood Airport, Honah Lee Airport and MCAS Chase Field airport. Flying over the Blake Sea was good fun because I saw many travelling by boat and helicopter. Good views from above and air traffic was average. 🙂

I hope to fly to more airports in Second Life in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that. 🙂

Ready for takeoff
Check-list time
Ready for takeoff_003
Ready to depart Hollywood Airport
Ready for takeoff_006
The owl is flying a plane
The view of my plane from the boat
A view of my plane from the boat
Honah Lee arrival
Honah Lee arrival
Ready for takeoff_010
Flying towards MCAS Chase Field airport


MCAS Chase Field
MCAS Chase Field final approach

More snapshots can be found on my SL Flickr stream.


4 thoughts on “The owl goes flying in Second Life

  1. Wow, you flied just over one of our homes;)
    Hope you can also join the everyday growing numbers of those who sail around Blake Sea and much more, on grou cruises that can reach up to 50 boats (Yesterday’s Lcc cruise had almost that number overall and we did sail for 1h and 40 min straight with crashes::).

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