OpenSim 2014 year highlights

This is my special blog post looking back at the most popular news/events from OpenSim during the year of 2014. For me I have enjoyed blogging about OpenSim news/events and I can’t wait to start my 2015 OpenSim adventures.

Here are the highlights from January to December 2014 below. All blog posts below are my own blog. What are your OpenSim highlights during 2014 ? Please post them in comments!

January 2014

I joined the great canadian grid – see my adventures here.

Some new graphs were published to find out the prediction size of OpenSim and Second Life in 2014.

Using the free InWorldz Explorer HUD 8.0

Tranquillity Dexler from InWorldz published a new InWorldz development roadmap for 2014.

On 29th InWorldz released 5th birthday planning details.

Avination grid team announced details about the first community meeting of 2014.

February 2014

InWorldz reached the 95, 000 total user signups milestone.

New Kitely events calendar was created.

AviWorlds hypergrid closes.

March 2014

Trying out the InWorldz Info App.

April 2014

VWBPE 2014 interesting stats were published.

May 2014

Metropolis Grid 6th Birthday snapshots.

InWorldz reaches 100, 000 registered users milestone 

June 2014

New Kitely homepage went live.

Kitely new changes to Metered Worlds.

July 2014

OSGrid hits 100, 000 registered total users milestone.

OSGrid 7th birthday celebrations take place.

August 2014

3rd season of Relay For Life of InWorldz opens.

September 2014

Four years later on InWorldz.

Registrations opened for 2014 OpenSim Community Conference.

5th OpenSim Grid Survey voting opens.

RFL of InWorldz raises over one million izzies.

October 2014

No posts this month on OpenSim

November 2014

2nd annual OpenSim Community Conference opens.

December 2014

Update on grid numbers including OpenSim.

InWorldz residents achieve largest donation to ToysForTots.

Bring on 2015! 


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